Are you on a transformative journey to discover and

BE more of who you are? 



Hi, I’m Cheryl and I invite you to think about

how you feel when you read this page.  Does it feel familiar?

Do you have the courage to find the magic & freedom in being You?


 This is what it feels like to ‘come home’ to your truth.

 A desire to acknowledge your Sacred Uniqueness and  flow with your Enoughness.

It resonates with YOU, and connects you to YOU more clearly! 

My promise to you is to hold space for you to rediscover your magnificence and create a peaceful calm in life with love and purpose.  Every moment is a chance to make another choice, to see a new perspective.  

I am passionate about helping others create their way to the happiness and connection they are meant to Be.  I believe we are meant to enjoy our learning as we align with our truth in this lifetime.  It is not meant to be hard work!  Nothing fills our souls like living on purpose with passion and thus being of service to others. 

How far away have we gotten from connection, community and compassion?  Sometimes we feel like we have given it all away.   It is time to Awaken our inner wisdom and divine connection once more!  The world needs each of us.  

Let’s take ourselves out of defence, into acceptance, allowing and alignment. 

 Our infinitely wise bodies are meant to heal and thrive with love and ease. 

My STORY      Perception, Connection and Love

I have experienced business building and entrepreneurship. I have had mindset changes, moving through an amazing 20 years in my own Physical Therapy Clinic to working as an entrepreneur of Energy Work and mentoring others on my way.  It has taught me that love, passion and awareness are within each of us ~ it is what we decide to do with them that makes the difference.

The universe is telling  you something, do you hear it?    YOU matter! 

In hindsight I have shifted gears in life over and over….  often, and not always, by choice. My children & grandchildren help me remember my youth and rediscover the magic of my inner child.   Dogs and horses have taught me to listen, allow, forgive and love unconditionally.

My perspective is everything. It has always shifted me forward in life!   As an intuitive I have learned to recognize early signs of impending changes.  That does not mean I always listened!  I learned to be strong.  And I often stuck my head in the sand, or tried to change the events that were happening with stubborn resistance. It isn’t about being perfect! It’s about loving who you are. 

Learning to TRUST my own heart was the first step. Learning to be AWARE and conscious from moment to moment added meaning to it. We are one, rooted in love as our soul’s journey begins. 

You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way of life
~ Marianne Williamson


IT’S TIME!  So many are looking for hope and a way up.

 Let’s Get To Know Each Other!

Work With Cheryl

~ It all begins with YOU

  Make yourself a priority ~ you deserve it! 


LOVE YOUR LIFE ~ everything you need is inside you, this is your time to reconnect and create.



  • Are you feeling like you’ve lost yourself or given yourself all away?  
  • Are you exhausted by feeding others needs more than yours? 
  • Do you feel like something is holding you back?
  • Are you struggling with overwhelm or anxiety? 
  • Do you feel like you are repeating destructive patterns?

Feel your inner wisdom, your connection to self, inner divinity, your grace, your truth.  Listen to the whispers of its inner guidance.  Let go of things that are not serving you.  Be open to the possibilities often found in your imaginative connection in the moment.

REMEMBER as you connect,  WHO you are  AND LOVE THAT!    Release what feels uncomfortable, it most likely does not align with your truth in this moment. Begin today to rediscover YOU and create a better version based on what resonates with you.  

BELIEVE in yourself.  You are a powerful universe of experience. And this is the magic sauce. It’s always been in you.

The Evolution of YOU involves balance ~ physical, mental, emotional, energetic. It’s multi-dimensional.  As you find your internal power & raise your vibration, life becomes just a little easier. As you take action, you are opening up and perceptions change – giving the universe something to act on!

It’s easier than you think… when was the last time you consistently made yourself a priority, and truly felt vibrant?   It would be my honour to help you with this.

I successfully mentor others, giving them the opportunity to feel every emotion without judgement.  In letting go of old patterns, you learn to BE the change you want to see in your life. 


CONSIDER this:    When your past experiences continue painful, or hurtful, 

perhaps you have not yet accepted they are no longer a part of your present or future.



 Let’s Get To Know Each Other!