Love Connections are all around us

The greatest gift that you can give is ACCEPTANCE and LOVE, to yourself

and others. It’s what we crave most.  And it’s often what triggers destructive

actions when they are not realized in our lives. 

Some become disconnected when perspective is skewed by the beliefs

and struggles that are not theirs – the beliefs that need to be healed or

released. Or by expecting a particular outcome to an experience – resisting 

the flow of what is happening in the moment. 

They are not aware that the problems are created by their attachments to 

particular desires, expectations and past hurts. The symptoms show up

as anger, anxiety, frustration, fear, guilt and shame.

Women Empowerment

‘Acceptance is the energetic act of moving into flow’  Panache Desai

With hidden emotions and fears at work, reactions grow a mind of their

own. They become misunderstood.  Expectations appear.  Trust flies out the

window. This can look extremely scary.  

They may remain hidden for years,  they may become the elephant in the

room or an unhealthy emotional reaction.  Look what is happening in

todays world – globally!  

When you can’t say what you really feel it is often because of insecurity,

or lack of trust and feelings of not being supported.  What a tangled web

we weave!  Would you agree?  If only we spoke one language

with one meaning!  If only we could always feel the trust in ourselves!  

The truth is your vibration, emotions and beliefs are as unique to you

as your very soul.  

This uniqueness requires us now to step forward.  Everyone of us! We

must have trust in what we believe, and courage to surround each person

and situation with love and acceptance without expectations. Including

ourselves.  What are you putting up with today that is not a part of your truth?

We must say what we really think,  we must honour ourselves and others.


(includes Ho’oponopono chant of forgiveness and love)

Understanding your true self at a soul level will truly open your heart to

more understanding of others without judgement and with forgiveness

always.  The real cause of disconnect is found inside  ~learn to connect to

your inner guide and spend more time there. 

You will find your sparkle, your true purpose, your peace.

This is what gives you hope, love, success and fulfillment in life. 

“Success built on anything other than

internal fulfillment is bound to be empty”    

                                                                                           – Dr. Martha Friedman


Your Beliefs Create Your Reality 

(A short video from my experience)


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