Let It Flow

let it flow, release resistance

Coming Home to True Self


Fight or Flight is a natural instinct used to protect us in times of danger.

It’s not always a desired instinct in times of emotional or mental fears as such.  We learn and transform through a process of building a relationship with our feelings of fear. Along the way we find the miracle of letting go of outcomes and resistance to change, of staying in the present and not extrapolating into the future (which we cannot control).

In this respect the value of the specialized kinesiology known as Neural Organization Technique is used to balance the physical body, (structural, chemical and emotional) following traumas – to take it out of defence.   These trauma’s tend to disconnect the neural pathways (or blow fuses) that are so intricately attached to all of our body functions. I have worked in this area for over 15 years.

Relatively new science has proved that our emotional feelings of love and above (vibrationally) most definitely contribute to our healing both physically and mentally. Epigenetic’s combined with the consciousness of the spiritual world can take us out of defence, to a place where we can change our DNA expression for optimal health and more. I knew this existed, but have only recently been able to connect with it so powerfully. At this time I’m ecstatic to find this consciousness flow that works along side of the body work, and perhaps supersedes it.  The reason it makes me so happy is that it is something you can implement yourself!

We’re forever learning more about how miraculous the human being is… with connections between heart and head, emotion and wellness, etc.

We are so intricately woven together… are you interested in discovering more?

  • Who YOU are is exactly who you are on a journey to discover
  • You have never done anything wrong
  • You are here to expand consciousness, find JOY and serve LOVE
  • You are here to SHINE so that others may SHINE
  • Time to let go of outcomes, and reactions ( a great way to find calm)
  • Time to be proactive, learning more, remembering more.
  • Time to discover, expand into more of you, to evolve.

At this time, and always, there are indeed so many reasons to live in a happier space for more of the time!  Are you on this journey with me?  I have always said that we are meant to heal ourselves.

If not now…when?

Transformation, Evolution


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