How Important is it to Know Your Mindset…

and to Feel Worthy?


Intuitive Mentor, Cheryl Relf

Cheryl Relf - Mentor for Successful Women

Know Your Mindset

It is so important to know your own mindset and to feel worthy because it affects every area of our lives, body and spirit. It affects us personally and in business because we are who we bring to the table.

Your vision in this life time needs to include “being who you want to be”.  It needs to ‘pull’ you forward.  It uplifts you and is your driving energy. It helps you to overcome society’s negativeness, to know your magnificence, and to accept that you can be who you want to be. This is why emotional intuitive health and vibrational frequency is so important. An intuitive mentor can be extremely helpful in achieving intuitive emotional health.

Many people de-value themselves almost unknowingly. Is this a mindset you have seen?  It happens in your “self-talk” and in how you feel about yourself often because of your past experiences. Is it time to let it go?  To live in the moment?

What happens is we all get stuck in this mindset from time to time where we need “outside eyes”, (an intuitive mentor) to help us identify and be conscious of where these places are.

The awareness to help us appreciate our ‘story’ that has made us who we are and to VALUE who that is …. with forgiveness, gratitude and confidence.   How would it feel to bring this into your life?

“The only reason to look back is to see how far you have come”  ~unknown

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