I had the pleasure of hearing Cheryl speak at the Women Inspiring Women Goddess Retreat.  She reminded us that in our busy lives, how important it is to reconnect with our true identity, outside of our ‘labels’ and to own our sparkle.  She facilitated a lively discussion with respect, openness and an incredible depth of caring. Cheryl has such passion for working with and helping women raise their vibration to be, do and have all that they desire in their lives. She truly is an inspiration to learn from!

Sheila Sutherland
Reignite Your Purpose 

I have had the pleasure to work with Cheryl over the last 7 years and have been inspired by how she cares for everyone she meets.  Her passion to help others grow and learn is seen in how she consistently works to improve her skills.  She takes time to explore all opportunities for growth and that radiates to the people who choose to work with her.  Cheryl has a zest for life and is committed to helping others become the best.

Kathleen Radu
Network Marketing Leader/Coach/Mentor

I really enjoyed working with Cheryl. She is a people magnet and everyone loves her. Someone you want to talk to and feel comfortable with. I love her warm compassionate energy. She is a wealth of information from physiotherapy and muscle work to personal and relationship issues. I can always count on Cheryl to give me smart insight. I have also tried some products the skin products from Jeunesse and loved them. I do not have many wrinkles but two deep ones and now they are not noticeable. Thank you Cheryl for all your insight and guidance from the heart.

Lauren, Nanaimo, BC

Cheryl has been blessed with the remarkable gift of intuitive healing with animals and with people. As a true and caring friend to many , she radiates genuine compassion and kindness.

Sue Ferguson 

I have had the privilege of knowing Cheryl for more than 15 years. In those times she has been a truly unique friend. One who has always been totally in the moment. She is a wonderful inspiration to us all. With excellent coaching skills , patience, and support Cheryl is a great leader and speaker. She is thoughtful, sensitive, motivated and I would definitely recommend working with her. Best of all she is someone I call a true, loving friend.  

Wendy Blondeau          


Who is Cheryl Relf? The women that I met in 1995 always had her feet planted firmly on the ground. She has always been generous by nature and very caring about others and their well being. A physiotherapist at that time with a great interest for the healing arts, the benefits of meditation and nutrition for health and well being. Cheryl believes in women supporting women for the benefit of creating your best life. Which serves everyone around each of those women. She freely provides support and guidance to anyone who wants it, without judgement or wanting anything in return. Cheryl understands that by giving her love away freely and living from her heart, she benefits the whole planet. One beautiful women at a time. This is Cheryl and I truly hope you get to meet her sometime. Cheryl has had a big impact on my life. I true friend that always lifts you up and never down.

Kathleen Holland  


I met Cheryl Relf via  a referral of a friend for some Energy therapy about three years ago.    At the time my life was in a very  passive aggressive abusive relationship and I truly needed to “balance” and strengthen my world to make decisions that were best for me.   During this time we have become good friends. I have learnt so much about making the best out of my life because of what she has taught me, reminded me and her example to me.  She has always been supportive no matter what.   She has the patience bar none to anyone.  Her strength in listening and supporting with honour has given me many insights I am thankful for. I  have even gotten over a huge phobia about horses.   Cheryl and Cody, her horse, have such a bond. Her connection, what I call horses whispering skills,  and  teaching skills have given me such a respect for not only the animal but seeing a true community of people who show the abilities of riding and reigning as if it is as natural as breathing. I have dabbled in Jeunesse and am thrilled with the product. Again Cheryl has shown her ability to intellectually devour the details of each product and understands from her physical therapy background the medical background and compositions of each item.  She supports her team and does so much to make it happen not just for her gain but the growth of her team.  She truly works from a solution position and celebrates each step of the way. I only want the best for Cheryl, and I know her future will truly have the inner and outer “Sparkle” she portrays.  I WOULD NEVER  HESITATE  to send anyone to her for her Energy Therapy or Jeunesse and am thrilled I have been able to share her with others.

Faith Brown