Your experiences and quality of life are 

determined by your unique energy and vibration.

Your unique energy and who you are in this

world are determined by your experiences in life.


Energy,Awareness, Intuition,

Natural Intuition


We Come Into This Life With Everything We Need

 to develop a wonderful, happy and loving life, the way it is meant to be.  So perhaps if you are not getting through your struggles in life you may be ‘getting in your own way’ so to speak. 

Mindfulness and conscious awareness of the opportunities presented by the universe may boost your vibrational energy, not only increasing your joy in life but also your health and well being. 


My Horses Have Taught Me A Lot

Animals are sensitive to energy and vibration. They also share unconditional love, forgiveness and I believe were put on this earth to teach us.  Communicating through this energy is  warm, loving and respectful.  My horses always know when I am in a hurry or my mind is somewhere else.  Do you know that YOU are capable of feeling this energy?

Everyone has the power to feel and change their vibration. It is a large part of interacting with others, and more importantly with ourselves.   It involves four basic principles:

  • Awareness
  • Listening
  • Connecting (communication)
  • Respect  

The BODY LANGUAGE of a horse speaks volumes.  Connecting through body language is an art and it is a large part of horse communication.  Surprised?  Establishing yourself as a leader involves communicating through body language, intent and exercises.

TALKING to horses does not involve your voice so much…while they are sensitive to the tone of your voice…just as important are your intent, emotions and mood – as well as your body language. 

On the back of a horse there is no better feeling than getting the results you want with thought, intent, body and lightening your touch.

If you’ve ever ridden a horse, you know that we have AIDS such as reins and leg commands.  But there is so much more… which I will share at a later time.  THERE IS A GIVE AND TAKE, a communication.  A listening and sharing in the connection.


 ONE Particular Incident 

Bucking horse from wikiHow

Cody taught me to pay attention to these four principles.  It began on an easy working day… with show season complete and a few weeks off for good behaviour!

If you’ve ever trained a new puppy the principle is often the same. My trainer had taught me that I should never quit an exercise with my horse until after a good attempt by my horse.  Otherwise I am training him that he doesn’t really have to try.  Horses learn this rather quickly.  In my mind consistency and persistence are good!

We began working with Cody’s lope departure to the right from a standstill after our warmup.  It was to be the only exercise with him that day.  If he did it nicely – collected and taking the correct lead – it would be a short work out.  

Fifteen minutes later I was still asking him to back up (which is more work for him) to our starting point and try again. Cody continued to rebel and throw his head up rather than keep collected with a low headset, and to take the wrong lead.

He was frustrated and I was impatient, stepping up my pressure not one notch but several!   He seemed to comply.  SUCCESSFUL? Not so much!   Cody took the right lead, head down for a few steps at the lope and I responded by honouring his efforts … giving him a loose rein …  which he took full advantage of picking up speed into a full bucking frenzy.  He wanted me off  and it worked! 



Cody did not take his right lead because of discomfort in his right shoulder.  That is why simply loping to the right was uncomfortable, and to do it collected was painful.  Oh he had tried to tell me by not doing it well, picking up the wrong lead, pulling on the bit and becoming numb to my soft asking.  But I had disconnected!   In my own impatience I no longer:

  • listened or felt his communication
  • worked as a team and no longer worked in awareness
  • respected him or considered he had something to say


I Share This To Illustrate

The mindfulness of being consciously aware, considerate and kind is always important in who we are, in how we treat others.       

To share the importance of listening and connecting in a loving way.  AND to value these first in how you talk to yourself.  It’s that simple. 

Happy ~ awareness and communication

Happy ~ awareness and communication


CODY and I are now both a little older and connecting with even more wisdom.  He share his Sparkle with his pals in the field everyday.  He has been a 4H teacher.  And with gratitude, we share our Sparkle & Love with you. 



Do you have an animal you have shared a similar connection with? Or one that has taught you a few lessons in life?  Could you share what animal, and what the lesson was in the comment box?