We all have it!  Our Soul is our source.  It holds everything we need to co-create, design the life we want.

And the Universe is waiting to give it to us… our Angels and Guides are waiting for us to engage and ask for it!

This is not some ‘woowoo’ sentiment.  It is MAGICAL in the sense that we can’t imagine what it can look like in full enlightenment!  Or can you?  I believe in magic.

In other words, if you want to attain bananas , and you prepare for oranges, you will always attain oranges



3 ways to begin to set our dreams, truth, and purpose in motion


SILENCE. Listen.  Spending some quiet time alone with heartfelt thoughts.  We must connect to our inner guides. We must know what we truly desire. The whispers of our soul must be given a voice. It is called Intuition.  We can ask, and we must trust what we hear.  This ritual will magnify over time, and that tiny quiet voice may come up during other times during your busy days.

ACT.  Be willing to take action based on inspiration and intuition, a new way of feeling.  Sometimes these ‘aha’ moments from our soul, angels will catapult us forward with amazing speed.  Remember our soul works with the energy of it’s source to co-create.  From inside, these powerful whispers of wisdom share with us our life’s purpose.  We feel it in the form of a ‘calling’ , something so profound and exciting we cannot let it go! So powerful in fact that our work becomes love in motion, our purpose.

TRUST.  Let go of how it can happen, don’t get in the way! When you trust the process your intuition is fine tuned. You know that you are worthy, have a gift to share, and give yourself permission to be the powerful spirit that you are.




“Intention is about aligning your soul’s desires and passions with your higher purpose and spirit and tapping into the divine force of the universe which facilitates the process of manifestation with ease and grace.”    by Transformationalarts.com


Whether we are just beginning or deep into transforming our lives it is a process that is always evolving.  A very definite personal process.



At OwnYourSparkle.com I am committed to supporting and guiding you along your heart’s path. While our minds are a wonderful place to make plans, our heart knows the way to co-creating your journey in the here and now.  What you do today determines your tomorrow!

“Today expect something good to happen to you no matter what occurred yesterday.” – Sarah Ban Breathnach

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