Meditation is the foundation for mindfulness.

Is meditation a daily practice in your life?  If not, it is probably something that you need to commit to but not something that you have had much success with on a regular basis!    Like a diet, sticking to good habits becomes too much work for you if your ‘why’ is not bigger than your ‘but’.  If you desire to create or nurture a quality inside yourself it becomes a priority. It simply takes a few easy steps to remain committed to your daily meditation practise.


     Your mind may be planning  ‘I’m too busy and overwhelmed’

     Your body might scream ‘I’m too exhausted and need rest’

But your Soul is there in its wisdom with source, and it softly whispers

                   “ We are love, and give you breath, you are amazing.

                     We give you the gift of connection to your inner divinity.”

Making A Change In Your Awareness
  • For meditation to be successful it has to make a transformative difference in your life.  Simply tap into the feelings and state of being we feel in our meditation on a regular, consistent basis during the day.  
  • Since we don’t often just ‘take a break to breathe’ try setting up some associations, or triggers, that bring your awareness back to the blissful feeling and state of being.
  • Specific times, words, sentences and feelings can act as that association triggers to tap into these feelings.

Examples include:   

  • Letting go                                                                      
  • Breathe gentley
  • Gratitude  or Love  or  Bliss
  • What am I telling myself now?
  • What do I need to hear now?
  • Centre into Awareness
  • Ask Angels, God, Creator, Universe
  • Divine Connection
  • Seeing oneself in mirror
  • Before meals

These associations can remind us to connect inside with specific intentions- whether just to breathe and pay attention to the body,  notice our thoughts,  to revitalize qualities within ourselves  or  to heal our wounds and create greater wellness.   NUGGET:  Your Universe, Your God, Your Angels and Guides are waiting for you. They want to help you.  So take some action.  For unless you are taking action they cannot work through you.  Unless you are taking action in some way they cannot know how serious you are.    Would love your comments and love below to hear what works for you. Todays humour (or not): I was just thinking what if we had the time to ‘breathe and connect’ each time our text notifications buzzed?    If you’re interested in diving deeper with me, take a look here: Open Your Heart To Possibilities