The Energy of Transformation

Transformation is a change in appearance or FORM.  Everything is energy… with varying frequencies and perceptions.

Take the case of the butterfly that is currently popular in the transformative process.  Despite their outward simplicity, the colors we see come from a complex chemical and structural system in the butterflies’ wings. There are two sources*, both involving the vibrational frequencies and intricacies of life on this planet.  The transformation from coccoon to adult involves moving from protection to evolving into independence, mirroring our own evolution in life.

YOU are Vibrational Energy

YOU have free will and the ability to choose the energy you want to BE. It is a natural process, to choose to be who you want to be.  It takes awareness and living in your truth.  Do you know who you are?  Deep inside, what are your core values that resonate with  your passions and desires?  Only YOU know, feel, or see this.

ONLY YOU are responsible for how you feel.  Consider looking at how you feel in this very moment.  From shame, guilt through the reactionary anger and frustration to joy and love.

Where do  you find yourself most often?


How Do You Want to Feel?

It is less about control and more about acceptance and choice.  I know what fills my cup and fuels my vibrational frequency is peace and calm, excitement and happiness, love and joy.  I achieve this by fulfilling my passion for being of service and inspiring others to find and BE in the joy of being themselves.  Yes, just the way they are AND how they want to evolve.

Ready or Not… who are you?

If you are looking to be more of who you are these are things to consider.  I’ll start at the beginning and some, if not many of you, will jump in along this path, having done some of the work.  This has been my experience and these are the things I inspire others to look at within themselves.

Make yourself a priority ~ your are WORTH it.  Believe in yourself.  You are not your past.  You are doing your best.  We never stop learning, no matter where you are on your path.

What resonates with who you are ~ how will you know? You will feel energetically lighter, more happy and calm when you resonate with your choices.  It requires AWARENESS  Think before you speak, choose, or agree.  Take the time to relive your day and be grateful for your choices.  No choice is ‘wrong’, they are an experience that teaches us and confirms our awareness.

Allow and Accept with love ~ everyone and everything, including yourself.  It is Non judgemental, with unconditional love.  The things that don’t resonate with you give you the choice to leave, walk away, re-examine and oh so much more.   Consider your awareness.

Forgive ~ everyone for everything, including yourself, now and for always.  Remember when you forgive, you are lightening and raising your vibration.

Love yourself ~ enough to KNOW yourself, believe in yourself and accept yourself.  No comparisons.  We’ve all been through a lot, and if you’ve read this far you know we are not our past… and you can start NOW to create your life as you want it.  It is definitely the precursor to peace and calm, and loving relationships.  You will find that LOVE is everything!  YOU are the common denominator in your life.  What are you reflecting?

Know your passions ~ Passions are not found by thinking about them, because they live in your heart.  You FEEL them, from the inside out.  With your AWARENESS you will find your truth in your ENGAGEMENT with things that bring you happiness and joy.

Find your purpose ~ which will happen when you live in your passions, choosing to enjoy what you do in a higher vibrational frequency. This too comes from within, from your heart, from your senses.  Some of you will just KNOW.  I found mine through this process.   My belief is your purpose will be in serving others in some shape or form.

Note to all:  Trying to live in one vibration all the time is a recipe for disaster.  Life happens!  This is about how you react or choose to react in the face of life’s moments!  The moment of greatest consciousness, growth and wisdom is destined to arrive when it arrives.  This is not about ‘working from strategy’ it is about ‘feeling from the heart’ … from the heart of all that we are as one.

What I can tell you is this ongoing evolutionary process is a transformational process, creating a more peaceful YOU ~ living in trust, love, joy and calm.  Let it flow my darlings!


I coach people to live their best life in these ways. Magic happens when you learn to follow your heart.  Contact me here if you want to know more ~  OwnYourSparkle