Make it a True Celebration of Love

Think about this….

It is not a one size fits all!  Is this enough to inspire you to BE the person you want to BE? Your truth is beautiful and valuable. 

This world needs you to step up, step out (of fitting in)  and be more of who you are.  To do this requires that you LOVE yourself and feel your divine connection, because it is only with this passion that others can feel and follow your example my dear friend.

Possibilities are limitless.  I admit it is hard to feel beautiful, loving and kind if we are comparing ourselves, or reacting out of fear.   Old patterns and stories that are not ours are what keep us stuck often.

Who you feel you have become is not who you have to be!  

Let’s Be Happy!  

When we’re happy it is easier to accept and love ourselves.  Our vibrational frequency reaches higher levels.  When it is higher, it resonates with higher vibrational frequencies and attracts more of that to you.  It’s that simple.   It’s a choice. 


Including yourself! When you see yourself in the mirror, or your reflection in a glass window –  No matter how strange at first, feel the joy inside your heart.  I even sing with a smile… I think it makes me sound much better!!  


Breathe and have an internal dialogue… before you get up or after you sit down for a quiet coffee. Make time in your day for you. Remind yourself why you love who you are. Feel your connection to Spirit. 

Hold space for your thoughts and feelings.  Seriously, this is a process that one must allow into their moments of silence…. and if you sit long enough the creative voices of acceptance and knowing step forward.  

 Silence the negative Nellie inside if she appears… BEcome more AWARE of this negative self doubt,  replace it with Positive phrases.  Without Belief and Trust that this simple awareness is a whisper from your Soul. 

NOTE:  if you’re having problems with being positive this might be a good time to remind you of the power of journaling. Keep a journal beside you during this breathing space… perhaps record the positive words that come up, or write an affirmation for future reference.


with your words and thoughts towards others, especially to yourself. Sometimes a stranger needs your smile more than you could ever know. And the more you give to others, the more it is returned to you!    Seriously, people often begin picking up a conversation with me after just a wee smile!   I know they feel the vibrational frequency of my intent.  

The secret to feeling good about yourself is helping others feel good about themselves.

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Something that truly feels great to you!   Dance, sing, take a hike, join a class….  It is about raising your vibration, not how you look doing it!   I love horseback riding, and believe me there are seasons where it does not LOOK pretty!  Have fun.  Maybe try something new.  


Do something nice for yourself from time to time!  It may be just spending some time alone, taking a walk, getting your hair done, having a massage….  Embrace this time to enjoy the journey!   Quiet time can be its own reward often.


your inner wisdom and your body.  It’s easy to be negative about both of these!  Usually because we feel ‘less than’ by comparison to those who seem to have a ‘gene’ie working with them!   Love your uniqueness. It’s surprising how we begin to actually look for ways to be our type of wonderful as we tune into our inner wisdom.  Grab your journal and record the new feelings and ideas you have when you examine what others are saying and doing.

RECOGNIZE and RELEASE the Energy Vampires!

There are those around you, and we all have them, that soak up your energy!  They are usually someone we don’t want to let go of and they keep it that way.  In fact, by allowing them to control and demand we willingly give our energy away and enable them to continue.  The fact is they probably won’t change and we will have to walk away.  


Accept and allow yourself to be less than perfect … because we all are!  Love your imperfections along the way! Find humour in the things around you, accepting them for what they are. Read your Journal, comment beside your entries…as your heart wanders or you see the humour or wisdom of what you wrote…. go back and read it in 6 months.  

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and onto New Beginnings

Own Your Sparkle is about finding your wisdom glistening from your brilliance within. To lead a happier, more fulfilled life.  With passion, ease and love.