INTUITION is magic within you. It arises out of silence and is instinctive rather than conscious. Direct from the Soul, it is your inner guidance system.  Intuition is an important tool to connect you to your essential self. 

How important is leading a life of passion and purpose?  There really are two great things you can do for yourself… one is to ask, the other is to listen.    Well, there might be one more…. practise.

For some intuition is a feeling… a funny tingle, a knowing, a quirky urge, a feeling of excitement or warmth, goosebumps. For others it is a voice in their head or a vision they see.  But for ALL it depends on awareness, listening and trusting.  This is developed with practise and a desire to know yourself better. 

I can’t tell you how many times I have repeated the phrase ‘I knew that…’    especially after letting my head get in the way and overthink the issues at hand.  Can you relate to making a wrong choice or decision?  How did it feel?How does it feel when you make the right decision?

THE GOOD NEWS is it’s ok.  The experience you are given when you live from your head often just brings you more of what you need to learn – that this is not the place we should live from.  If you are not attached to an outcome there can be no right or wrong, just awareness and growth.

Unless you have dived deep into your own guidance system that is.  Intuition can be inaccurate, based on emotions or experiences and beliefs that are often not your own. That is why it is hard to TRUST yourself at first. Intuition will in fact empower you, allowing you to trust in yourself and the Universe.  

THE BETTER NEWS, because I come from a place of good and ‘gooder’,  is when we learn to become aware of what we are doing, we pick it up quickly.  It is a magical tool in creating our very journey and the life we attract. 




1. Sit in silence for a few moments, just breathe and relax.

Make sure you are in a comfortable position. Create the intention to connect with your intuition. If your mind drifts to your grocery list, just gently bring it back to your breath and relaxation. If this is all you do for a bit that’s ok.  How does this feel?  Not how do you think it should feel. Turn off your inner critic. Over a few days try and build up your time to at least 5 minutes.

2.  Perhaps you are ready to try connecting… to your inner self, a part of the universe.  

You may already have felt this in the first step.  It feels warm, cozy, loving, peaceful, happy and much more.   If not, let’s practise feeling deep gratitude… think of something you are the most grateful for or love more than yourself. Sit in that feeling.  Focus on that feeling as you sit in silence and relaxed.  Breathe in that energy and let it grow. Breathe out the feeling of letting everything else go.    It is important to just breathe comfortably. How does that feel?  

3.  You’ll notice Intuition is all about FEELING and practise.  

Seek the truth.  As you become aware of your feelings you can ask what they are related to, if they are your true feelings, etc. Explore your area of feelings… put them into words, write them down.  Start paying attention to signs all around you.  What does your definite YES feel like.  Journey inward through meditation or guided visualization.   Practise!

WHILE some also feel a definite NO, this will also come over time.  I’ve simply given you a few things to help you consider and perhaps commit to working with your inner guidance system.



Building trust in your inner guidance system is a matter of practise.  When you are faced with a choice or a decision this is a great time to pause.  In awareness look at that question from a place of how that makes you feel. Take a few moments to feel.  How does it feel?   Don’t overthink it.. it should be a fun, happy, warm feeling to name a few.   Remember, no outcome attached!

Perhaps initially, journal or write it down.  What you were asking your intuition. How did it feel. What was your outcome.  And how did it actually turn out, Or what exactly showed up,     Trust this, it is a great resource to look back on to build your confidence, trust, and tweak your intuitive resources.

Always remember there is no right or wrong …. there are no mistakes, only opportunities.




My purpose in life is help others heal in their journey, and to share my gifts that I feel so passionate about. Living a life so blessed is a result of using my inner guidance system. Realizing my purpose includes sharing with you.  You are so worth it!  Begin your journey at whatever pace you feel the need to.   Just enjoy the journey, share it and pay it forward to help someone else.





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