Looking at life through the eyes of Gratitude magically changes everything. 


What Is the Magic?

It is the co-creator of joy, love, peace and enlightenment ~ limitless and powerful.

It is a feeling and an attitude; a virtue we can cultivate.  It is a choice that begins with your awareness and recognition, and just keeps growing.

Gratitude encourages us to appreciate what is around us.  And with increased awareness, to visit it more frequently.  In response it’s magic gives you more, increasing your energetic vibration to limitless higher levels.

It is the relationship with gratitude’s magic that brings you abundance.


When I fill my soul with gratitude


Finding the magic of GRATITUDE in the Moment

Take a moment to feel how blessed you really are. Your soul knows.  It conjures up your emotions, your feelings of joy and happiness.  Of course we always want more of that feeling!   It is blissful to live in that moment. 

In this way it opens the possibility of shifting your energetic vibration (your feel good or not so good feeling) to another level. 

The Magic of A Good Habit –  imprint it in your subconscious  

Your attitude is everything. Choose to be aware and feel oh so grateful. Since you are what you do, practise more to get more. Repeat.  It helps to find moments in the day to remind yourself to be grateful for something – such as on waking, before a meal, before nodding off to sleep, when walking in nature.  But there are also those challenging times when we need to be aware of looking for our gratitude. By developing the habit of connecting to gratitude it will become a conscious connection.

BE grateful for the experiences you have come through to give you the belief and trust that you can do it!  Call on your awareness and consciously connect to your feelings of gratitude. 

Nurture It  

The magic in nurturing Gratitude results in receiving more, and raising your vibrational energy to Love, Joy, Peace and beyond.  You become more.  Journaling and Paying it forward are two great ways to do this.  

As you challenge those moments in hindsight, be grateful for how you came through them and the lesson(s) you have learned.  Remember that your journey here is not to materialize bright shiny objects or fix others….  challenge yourself to be grateful for ‘what is’. Unconditionally and without judgement.  Ask yourself what got you through it. Now, how can you use this to pay it forward?  This is powerful.

The spring began for me with a serious issue with my horse (an anaerobic bacteria following a vaccination) and then another serious health issue with a sister.

It is gratitude that has empowered me to look at these challenges through ‘new eyes’. Being grateful for my life experiences (both of what was and what will be) allowed me to release the expectations of an outcome, to rest easier. To trust that I could handle it.  

 Here, and in an article for the Horse community, I am paying it forward.


Nurturing a heart of gratitude



There is magic in leaving the ‘noise’ behind if even for 5-10 minutes.  ‘Modern’ meditation is effective and healing. Breathe, relax and quiet the mind… try breathing in Gratitude, and exhaling Love for all to feel.    

Want to step it up?  Try visualizing in detail… with clarity and feelings along with any/all other senses.

Don’t give up!  It is a great habit that can be developed with intention and practice.     If you prefer to be outdoors, take a quiet walk in nature soaking in everything along your way in appreciation and gratitude.  

It is a personal journey to connect to the universe, to the creator. The feeling for me is that of deep gratitude.  It ignites my sparkle.  I invite you all to continue your meditation in your own way, and connect to your sparkle.


Gentle Reminder… and most importantly  

Everything counts!  From relationships, senses, experiences, to SELF.  Even the tiniest gratitude for your shoes, or your dishwasher!  

The story of an elderly couple that waved at students on their way to school everyday from the window of their home reminds me that even a small act of kindness can be appreciated in a grand way.   When her husband passed away, the elderly woman continued to wave out her window every day.  Until one day she was invited to the school and honoured by the many grateful students. 

‘We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.’  ~ Cynthia Ozick  

I am Cheryl Relf with OwnYourSparkle.com   I hope to inspire you to get to know who you really are and love the power of your uniqueness, and to ignite your soul magic.