Positive Mindset and self esteem why is it important?

In our last blog we discussed the importance of knowing our value, our self- worth or self esteem, and how sometimes we need “outside eyes” to help us identify areas in which we can become “stuck” in devaluing ourselves.

If you become conscious and aware of being positive in your life,  quit your negative self-talk and catch yourself when you’re doing it, you can change these patterns.  Change your mindset. Surround your self daily with positive people.  Sound easy?Surround yourself with Positive People

It is a process of developing good habits. You can become clear on what you want to attract in your life, and start “living” what you want to attract in your life…. commitment, consistency and repetition. In turn improving your self esteem.

The key to self worth perhaps is finding what is holding you back in your life or blocking you in the present.  And that key is always inside YOU.

It is not your past, it is your perception of the past and today’s pull towards your vision.. It is usually always traced back to FEAR.

My number one rule here is to accept and forgive it’s difficulties.  They are struggles I know, but only there to serve you.   (Is it how you grew up? An unhappy childhood or a lack of education?)  

The only reason to go into your past is to see how far you have come!    

There are a lot of excuses we can use, but learning how to value ourselves enough to get rid of the excuses will help you increase not only your business, but also your power and mindset. It really is a choice for you. Change your mindset and your habits.   Become an unstoppable force!   

Think and talk positively. What are you ‘in the process of’ doing in this moment of your life? Rather than say you are trying… think about using this phrase ‘in the process of’.  Positive thinking and teaching your inner voice to speak with positive words will attract what you really want in this life.   

Transform Your Mindset

If you’re ready to begin to transform your mindset, empower your life, it all starts from learning to be YOU.   You really do just have to discover how wonderful you are for yourself.   For support, questions and answers, or just learning where to begin I offer you the programs below. Visit my groups and courses to learn how I can support you.