Being You


Frustration.  Unsupported.  Rejected.  Unhappy.   

These words describe my perception of my inner experience during my teens.  Dysfunction within my family I now know had created a questioning of my own belief in myself.  I used to wonder if it was the simple ‘curse’ every teen went through. Was it my painful teen mindset?

The worst part was I was repeatedly living my life for all those around me in hopes of acceptance and love. Fighting to maintain some self value initially caused numerous arguments with my parents, siblings and peers.


Transitions throughout my lifetime showed up in the form of struggles in many cases.  But I absolutely know that the first moment I was awakened to my true Spirit was when I started connecting with what made me feel good INSIDE about myself. A little at a time. Being gentle with myself, and more positive with my perceptions.


Life experiences give you the strength to persist and to understand that LIVING with abundant joy is all about learning and your perceptions. Learning more about YOU and what fills your soul.  


I realized that I was doing my best and it was enough if I allowed myself to CHOOSE to be aware of my imperfections as perfections, accepting that I am whole, and listening. 

Choose to build your relationship with yourself...

Self Compassion is being kind to ourselves when life feels like it is going awry. 


  • It involves accepting without judgement our pain and our painful emotions.
  • It is the core for a stronger relationship with yourself by setting up a more gentle tone in your self talk.
  • It is being more positive in your attitude towards others, experiences and self.
  • It gives you the courage to ease into your negative emotions and empowers you to be more independent, less codependent.  
  • It kicks in when self esteem falls down. (social comparison, ego)
  • It is based on self acceptance rather than self evaluation
  • It is the software for your hard drive ~ practised in every moment.
  • AND it is a choice.



Your own software program can be developed by you.  With a new mindset empower your mindfulness and gentleness in showing up in your life.  In being You, fully accepted and loved.


If you are looking for support in this process or a place to begin take a look at these 2 one hour workshops.

Self Compassion – Your Connection to Being You

One Happy Cowgirl