The fear of CHANGE and/or EFFORT OF CHANGE?  This grows the dense forest of distractions over our paths!

Well you’re not alone!  Today I’m writing this because I too am struggling with the distractions on my way along this path… and I know all about clearing the way (or so I thought), and about how much my life is calling me.

First, I am going to own this knowing that I can fix it!  

It reminds me of some of the places I was at as a single mom, raising 3 kids, and working full time.  I had to juggle being in a few places at one time… until I found the solution in a wonderful woman I will call Dorothy.  I looked, advertised and talked about finding this solution until it materialized.  Who filled in for me and was the angel I had been looking for!

YOU must take action before the universe can act on it! 

Secondly, I took a good look at where I spent my time, and who I was hanging out with! 

I thought that I had all under control, today!  Inspired, focused and connected!
But I’m spending time filling in gaps at this time of year to stay in that comfortable, warm inviting Christmas spirit!  Don’t get me wrong.  I love life at this time of year a lot!

But my goal is to get my business, my calling off to a great start this year. It’s personal for me. Just having run my first online program successfully, basking in this glory subconsciously has actually distracted me from really doing what I need to do moving forward!

Many of the people around me are contacting me to hear more, learn more and actually just have coffee so I can give more of me. Clients from the past stay in contact and I love that.

My boundaries have to be stronger.  Saying ‘yes’ to chatting and supporting is saying ‘no’ to what I need to be doing right now.  Things like writing, or doing short videos.  

For others it could be taking time for yourself in some way…..  all the good intentions of doing what we feel called to do… that makes our lives happy and fulfilled!

All I am saying here, is don’t let people or events become distractions when your calling is calling.

Thirdly, I needed a plan to get moving. Sometimes you need to walk away, to do your own thing to get unstuck.

You need a plan to change how you are doing things, because that is why you are not moving forward as you want to today!

Seriously, I considered taking a week out of town to just wrap my head around my blindspots, my goals, and my calling!  But I have decided to do this effectively in my home.  AND I will do what I want to do, asking myself each time I realize I have veered off my path…. ‘is this what I want to do to reach my goal?’  I will be sweeping my calendar daily, cleaning and deleting…

You see, the last thing I’ll tell you is…It’s not going to be easy!  It might even suck a lot!!   CHANGE is something that comes from the heart. It’s inside you, at your root and you have to want it!   And then ‘just keep moving’ as my friend Pamela Sylvan phrases it!

I want it!  I’ve spiralled up my life on several occasions and each time this cocoon of change and transformation was hard… but it has always been worth it!

We never stop learning, and change is a catalyst for more.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to do this in two simple online sessions please feel welcome to contact me.     cherylrelf@ownyoursparkle.com

Or see details here:  www.ownyoursparkle.com/discover-your-souls-magic