What is happiness?

Not always easy to define, subjectively we know it by our feelings.
I love to say it is what makes your heart sing.  We use the word loosely to describe a range of positive emotions such as joy, bliss, gratitude.
If you know me even a little, I am all about feelings.  Living in a feeling of happiness in each moment is blissful.  We are meant to do this in our lifetime.

But who creates it?   How do we keep it?

The SECRET is to take Responsibility for our own happiness.

Start by creating good HABITS. You create happiness.  Include meditation and focus. Simply taking time to breathe, connect, or meditate can centre you. Help you find a place of peace and joy. Some find walking in nature a great form of breathing in silence, and centering.  Do the things you enjoy in complete awareness of feeling the joy!

Practice kindness, co create your life with intent.  This sort of gives back happiness in spades! Again, you are filling your own cup when you give it away.

Where you want to go and where you don’t are different sides of a coin.  Speak to yourself in positive tones and feelings of self compassion, always.  Check yourself when you find yourself being anything other than positive with your words. Be open to self correction. Let go of that which no longer serves you. Make the choice to be happy.

Cohesion of the heart is aligning your feelings (emotions) with your thoughts. Become aware of conscious beliefs and discard those that are not yours. Become aware of energetic direction.
Wipe away the stress and reaction by aligning your thoughts with your heart.  Your heart and soul are the true ‘YOU’.   They know the way.   Create your own perspective.


 If you want to be happy

…create that feeling within yourself by visualizing it and then feeling just one thing that makes you happy. This is where you can go anytime you are finding it difficult to find Happiness.

BE OPEN to changing habits too.  Always remember you must ‘FEEL’ it to create it!
AND you are so worth it!

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