Life is Meant to Be Happy and Flow with Ease.


Begin with following your passions.

Happiness is a personal matter!  The sacred spaces in your life are intertwined. Besides supporting and feeding each other, they are all connected to your inner guidance and wisdom. All areas in life are directed by the strength of your connection to Source energy.

Happiness is Found Inside


So I’ve been thinking…. when I speak to relationships, finances, abundance, health, spirituality and virtually any area of life people tell me they are struggling with, each area has these things in common.

How are you feeling at this moment?  Can you identify your discomfort? And why you have it?

Are you too busy to take the time in your daily routine to really sit down and take responsibility?  You continue to feel the pressures of the day and other commitments. ARE you actually resisting because of discomfort, downright fear and don’t know where to start or how it began.

Do you seek the solution inside yourself or immediately jump into defense, justifying your own resistance? Often to the point of giving your power to ‘experts’.

Do you trust or believe in yourself and the Universe enough to let go of some things? Are you fearful of ‘not doing the right thing’ based on societies values or on letting someone down?


3 Things that Can Raise Your Vibration Quickly

Yep, happiness is one of the higher vibrations that feels so good!  Are you living in the dark and in the light… feeling like you are in two places at once.

1, Take 3 minutes to BREATHE   This is an important first step to replacing worry, concern and discomfort.

Quiet your mind (short meditation practice or a bit longer if you wish). Find a quiet place to sit comfortably with eyes closed and place your feet flat on the ground. Take a deep breath. Breathe in loving calm warm energy of gratitude… and exhale letting go of all tension in your body  Slowly.

Repeat -relax those shoulders and fingers.  Take your time.  Repeat once more. Now relax your mind, just focus on the warmth of gratitude in your Breath, breathing in goodness and love.  If your mind wanders simply bring it gently back to your breath.

happiness breathe innerwisdom

LET GO of all thoughts, worries, stresses, discomfort, to-do-lists, what-if’s, should-do’s… get the message? You only have this moment in time.   REFRESH, RESET…. know that this place is always available to you.

As you learn to do this, it will become easier and you will sit in this place quickly… at will.  

THE PROGRESSION here when you are feeling calm is to ALLOW  these thoughts, worries more space.  Let them know they are seen by observing them and the feelings around them.  But NOT to fix anything… simply allow them time to express and release them.  One at a time.  Until you are sitting there with your very own thoughts… not connected to stress and worry, or should-do’s etc. 


Tip                                                                                                                                                                              Make this a daily practice. Always a good thing to do at the very beginning of your day.  It will remain clear in your mind throughout the day if you decide to use it again as it is always available to you.  AND it won’t be hanging over your head all day!

Guided meditations or mantras are also useful to target particular issues after you are used to just breathing for a few minutes.  For example, anger or frustration around an ongoing situation…. try this mantra between every few relaxed breaths  ‘I trust the process of life.  I am safe and the universe has my back’.   

Always give gratitude to your Angels who are working with you always.



2. Be MINDFUL and aware of your day.

Slow down, allow time for you, don’t say ‘yes’ to someone if it means you are saying ‘no’ to yourself.  This is the beginning of self love and self worth.  A fulfilling  as you begin to notice the change it can make for you by choice. Take responsibility for your choices.  They are not right or wrong, only experience gained.

Moving forward ask your inner guidance to help you discern if boundaries need to be placed around something… or if you need to let go of something… or move forward with something.  Listen to those whispers you may see or feel or know or hear in asking.  ‘WINK’  The first answer is usually the correct answer.

3. FORGIVE everyone for everything, including YOURSELF.  

Again, there is no right or wrong.  You are on your own path of learning and growth.  And others are on theirs. All at different stages and we must learn to accept that.  Simply surrounding the people or circumstance with forgiveness and love in a bubble and letting it float away is helpful when you know it is time.   There are no mistakes.

LOVE is always a solution!

Stay POSITIVE  with awareness and breathing.

Creating Happiness One Moment at a Time

I encourage you to find your true self and love it!   It is your Sparkle, your soul.  Your reason for being here.  The Universe wants you to glow with happiness and be successful in all areas of your life.

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