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Back in 2016 I wrote a blog on the #1 Reason You are Stuck.  And as life happens, so does evolution.  Today I happened to re read it.   It primarily talks about the FEAR or EFFORT of change.

Today I have a many more months of experience and hence the reason for this blog.  There is indeed another CRITICAL reason for being stuck. 


I knew it then, but did not give it enough importance.     I did not have the audacity to believe I could have a valid point!    I had never ‘read’ anywhere that your journey could be pulling you away from the most joyful part of your purpose IN THE WAY you are approaching it, sharing it or working it.  Purpose is putting yourself fully into your life, with passion and oh so much joy in everything.  I sooo want you to feel this!

In fact this critical reason is why you may be STUCK… Quit trying to fit in! 

The secret is in committing to be UNlike anyone else, because you are. YOU have been taught to fit in.  Stop it! 

Give your attention to the joyful actions that make your heart sing ~ get excited!   

You are exactly what the world needs, in YOUR own way. Your Sparkle will be exactly what someone else needs to see.    

“If you light a lamp for someone else

it will also brighten your path.” ~Buddha

We’re here to have a human experience, not  human gathering of information.  Gathering information does not validate our experience. How many of us have more information than we could possibly use?  In today’s world it seems everyone is an expert on your journey.


The truth is you are the expert! Invest some time with your thoughts, feelings and heartfelt ideas.  Look for the things that light you up and give your life meaning.  Be bold.  Be courageous.  Take some time in life’s experiential trials, succeeding or making mistakes.  With acceptance not resistance.  Allowing and paying attention ~  SEE your new perceptions grow, and the old ones fade away.   This is creating the life you were meant to lead.

Being aware of what you EXPERIENCE will create the change you desire in every area of your life.  Remembering who you are, and where you don’t fit in! 


A GREAT EXERCISE is to talk out loud to yourself… I know we do it often, but this is about sitting down and speaking into your voice notes for 45 min. minimum.  How many of you will feel you don’t know what to say?  How many of you will feel your time is too valuable to waste this time?    The first time I did this it was interesting!!!  What happens is every time you think you’re done, another thought comes along and there you go again….   Talk about you, your life, your work, relationships, experiences, feelings….  especially your passion, your calling, what makes you excited.      Do you see the evolution of your thoughts?    How you grab ideas and either dismiss them or feel strongly about them?

When you hold space for your thoughts, emotions and feelings to allow them to be fully expressed something happens.  Over a period of time doing this.   Your mind quiets down a bit, and your heart  and soul take over with  passionate ideas and feelings.  Some use a form of meditation to give space to their thoughts, emotions and feelings.    Remember YOURS  and you begin to feel the truth of who you are and begin to live on purpose.

When we are of service from our hearts, we are of service to others and to the world.


The hardest thing for me to explain is this feeling… of ‘coming home’ to the centre of who I am.  Filled by my inner knowing and wisdom.  Peaceful with a love, gratitude and joy beyond any I’ve experienced.  My deepest desire is that you learn to experience all areas of your life through your heart and soul.

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