Keep It Casual

So many are talking about raising their vibration and many are asking how!

I want you to know it is inside you!  I know, I always refer to this.  It is a truth!

We can talk about the connection and feeling of going inside, of sitting quietly and asking our guidance.

We can sit in meditation for hours pondering, healing, listening.

We can step into program after program and grow. How is that working for you?

Too much effort happens when trying to access behaviours and choices that do not match the vibration you are at.  

Find Your Inner Child and Play, Play, Play

Raising our vibration is actually about enjoying our journey.  I don’t mean that we don’t need to steer our ship on this journey.  Remember when we played all day with no objective in mind… just did what was fun as a child?

It was easy. That child is still waiting for us to come back to our inner knowing, with the maturity and we have developed along the way and without the fears, masks, games, and more that life has imprinted.

Connect to our Inner Child to remember our beliefs, trust, self love, self happiness.  To raise our conscious awareness.  To find a happy place for all of our past experiences since childhood, as we acknowledge what we have learned.  To create a mindful healthy life that feeds our soul with Love.  To forgive everyone for everything including ourself.

To choose to be happy, playful, and NICE!

                      ” We are here to guide our ship, rather than control the voyage! ”                                    ~ Matt Kahn

Consciousness Becomes Instinctual

As we deposit into our positive emotional account we can actually see it match our lives at a higher vibration.

Let’s talk about a balance sheet of all our emotional energies, actions, reactions, words, thoughts… both good and bad.  Both positive and negative. As we become more kind and loving… nice… our lives reflect this in being ‘more’ of what we want in our lives.  All areas of our lives.

All positive thoughts, words and actions add up.  Negative thoughts, words and doubts do as well, and subtract from the total.  

Yep, I’m talking about how kind, how loving, forgiving, and NICE are you, beginning with Yourself? 

Naughty or Nice

I’m talking about creating a balance sheet that stays in the positive.  That may or may not happen in this lifetime. But will be so rewarding as we build it up.

It will inspire and support us on the way like no other program!  Because it only requires you to be more Nice than Naughty!

A NEGATIVE balance creates room for growth and improvement.  When you are in a negative balance remember that adding a few good deeds will indeed create a better balance, but until we are out of a negative balance we may not ‘feel’  the effect of these.

  • We may be very proud of telling ourselves we are wonderful, and love ourselves. But why don’t we feel this is an authentic statement that we truly believe?
  • We may truly forgive someone, but why does it rear it’s ugly head again and again?
  • We may let go of past hurts, but why do they return?
  • We may become mindful, aware and accepting.  We may change our perception of events around us. But why do we question these over and over?
  • Why is it often difficult, and not easy?

When we are not living more towards, at or above that zero balance point, our SUBCONSCIOUS does not truly BELIEVE it. Yes, often I believe we mean what we are saying but sadly we often don’t believe it subconsciously.  Yet.

“We are here to Rewrite our own divine nature… not to Escape it” ~Matt Kahn

Tip the scales from your heart to others. Compliments, kindness, smiles, patience, forgiveness… and so much more.

MY Wish for YOU is that you discover your harmony within, creating growth beyond imagination and success in all areas of your life 

Begin by getting to know your Inner Child, and Play, Play Play!

~With Gratitude