Are you hurting? Are you quick to react in the midst of emotional stress? Are you leaking your energy?



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We have spent years throughout our lives creating attachments, finding our comfort zones, and keeping ourselves safe.
The ego’s job is to keep you safe! The very mass of our attachments do not allow much room for working with our inner self, deeper truth, core values, shifts and our unique inner journey.

Emotional pain shines a Spotlight on what we expect in our life.  It has an important place, it shows you the value you place on something.  It helps you remember who you are.  If you’re a loving and respectful person, you expect that to be the way you’re treated.

The struggle is a result of not letting go of what is no longer serving you ~ things, experiences, thoughts and emotions that are holding you back as you attempt to manipulate the outcomes. Although you are conditioned to ‘plan’ and are often berated for not ‘planning ahead’ you must let go of what if’s’ and should do’s’.


When you know you’re doing your best, that’s all you can do. When you know better you can do better!  Thus you’re acting as necessary in the moment ~ and there’s no need for focusing on outcomes that you cannot predict.    There should be no expectations.  The spotlight is there to help you in your awareness.  To choose to feel the values you hold dear beneath the pain.  Simply dig deeper if you can ‘see’ that it is a value that’s important to you.

Now’s the time to stay in the present. You can’t change the past or control the future if you really think about it. Choosing happiness in this moment happens when we let go, trust and choose to enjoy what is.

It’s finding a balance or finding neutral ground where you no longer judge things as right or wrong, or desire anything other that what is offered in the moment.


Reactivity and self judgement come into play in the area of your emotional life. So many experiences throughout your lives have taught you how to feel.

When you’re struggling with happiness, fulfillment, trust and relationships it’s usually your emotional reactions that ultimately cause you grief.  We look outside ourselves for reasons to permit our low vibrational reactionary feelings. You get caught up with your expectations and  blaming your exterior circumstances and others…. creating more of someone that is not aligned with who you truly are.  (is it self sabotage brought on by conscious or subconscious self judgement?).


Living Out of Alignment

Feelings of fatigue leaks your energy when you’re living in a vibration of reactivity OR  an energy of negativity such as in an unsatisfying relationship.   Examples of just a few:

  • Looking for a relationship that puts you first, feeling unloved the way you expect to be loved.
  • Being smoothly controlled and conditionally loved by an energy vampire.
  • Controlling and manipulating outcomes that you expect to happen (even telling lies)
  • Lashing out in anger and frustration, creating arguments and lowering your vibration even more.
  • Wondering why you are not happy.
  • Repeating patterns of struggle, always apologizing.
  • Not feeling seen,  or heard.

In short, you blame circumstances and others for your grief all too often.  And it feeds into more of the same. It is normally what you’ve learned to do!

I propose you take that spotlight and shine it into your very Soul…. ask ‘what am I feeling’ and why?  Ask what do I expect for myself in this situation, how do I want to be treated, what is my worth?  How could I feel better?

Who Do You Want to BE?    YES, it’s a CHOICE!

If unhappy, unfulfilled and feeling unloved the way we want to be loved, it’s truly a’ reflection’ of our emotional state.  Do you love yourself?  Are you committed to creating a better you and a better life?    Do you love yourself  and know you are enough?  BE the change, to let go of your fear if that’s your truth at this moment.  YES!  I mean it!  Here is another question… are you ready to let go of the relationships that are draining your energy?  When you quit feeding them you will feel better and you won’t be enabling them – even if it means walking away.

You may already be shifting, choosing to love yourself first.  Making yourself a priority!  Please, remember that kindness to others, acceptance of others does not mean putting yourself after others, enabling them or fulfilling ‘their’ expectations. It means you will do for as much for yourself as you would do for your best friend.

YOU may be looking for a place to start.


YOU are who you bring into every situation, circumstance, relationship, and business.   Living above the contracted states of anger, fear and grief brings a new meaning to your life!

There are many shifts between ego and Soul enlightenment.   And you are each on the journey to that place, that light!  There are an infinite number of paths to take… and you’re all doing it on your own time, your own way, your own path(s).  No matter what the struggle, learning to CHOOSE to let go and trust that you’re enough is the solution.  Knowing you are enough means you are doing your best and always OPEN to learning more.  Take time for YOU to learn and grow.  Here are some ways you can begin:


  • Sit in silence or talk out loud to yourself.
  • Taking the time for a few focused breaths brings you into the present moment.
  • Meditate or simply sit in silence with intention to examine YOU, your true feelings, your values. What are your triggers?
  • Find time to relax!
  • Set intentions each day to work on being more open, loving, kind in each moment. Perhaps journal.
  • Stop and breathe when you feel like lashing out in a reaction to a personal injustice… is it really so? Is it a reaction to a fear? etc.
  • Make it a practice to breathe in love for a minute or two and breathe out toxins when you are triggered.
  • Sometimes you have to choose YOU over situations, experiences and relationships. Quit leaking energy.
  • Sometimes you have to choose to LEAVE.  Surround it with LOVE and leave.
  • Learn to forgive, accept, allow, trust, believe… and the list goes on.

Focus on Knowing Yourself and finding your balance

~ your health really depends on it

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Make the right choices for yourself,

accept your feelings,

love them as they are. 


You have been the creator of your life all along ~ Namasté

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