Courage is defined as the choice and willingness to confront something that frightens oneself.  It is not comfortable.   But the more often we confront that fear, the easier it becomes.  One person with courage can change many things!




Was I not paying attention?  Did I miss the talk about just being myself?  About being courageous enough to be me? Or did I don a mask as I matured in an attempt to be accepted?

In the realm of personal growth what I have discovered is there are 2 common obstacles for people to get over… seriously!  

The fear of being fully seen as your true self, AND the fear of finding and allowing yourself to be and feel fabulous. Have the courage to walk alone. 

Allowing our vulnerability can be both terrifying and beautiful.  



We create our life experiences with our thoughts,

feelings and beliefs ~ John Holland


Have the courage to discover your inner vulnerabilities. You are a unique individual, that has come into this world with a kit bag of past life experiences, a trip through the womb, and a lifetime (up till now) of subconscious imprinting.  Do you ‘remember’ your true unique identity?

It is human nature to want to don the mask of those we wish to please and to be an accepted member of that community. Take the time to discover and remember who you are. It will take some digging and a lot of ‘aha’ moments. You will feel vulnerable. Be real, show it and it will be worth it.   Don’t let others define who you are.


A good question you might begin with is “what do I want questionto be, do and have?”  Answer clearly, concisely with feeling and visualization as you WRITE it down.   It will give you a list to refer back to and check off, rewrite, or expand upon. 


In Gratitude accept how fabulous you are!                                 Recognize that you are energy in motion.  Wake up!  We are all energy with our unique energy signature. We have an incredible intelligence operating our bodies. Let’s embrace our fabulous without judgement.

We talk to God, the creator, the universe, our angels, guides or spirit… or whatever you choose to call them. So why do you think it is impossible to hear them? We ask for help. Tune up your listening and become aware of the synchronicity’s and miracles happening all around us. We can feel and believe there is something greater that is working with us.   Let’s acknowledge it with thanks.




Our emotions have been proven to affect every part of our lives, so if there is one thing I can tell you today it is that raising your vibrational energetic level makes a difference.  Feeling  love, joy, peace and trust in the moments of your day can not only elevate your mood but will bring more love, joy, peace and trust.   This is abundance.

So let me leave you with this thought:

Have the courage to show your vulnerability. Let this be the source of your greatest strength.  Let it flow with trust and acceptance my friend. 


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