Cross that Bridge!

How often do you hear advice that fragments bits of your truth, your very alignment?

This calls out to me on a regular basis with all the posts, advice, experts and ‘sayings’ that are going around on social media, and even closer to home…. that are being quoted by my children who have not yet discerned their true alignment in who they are.  I certainly find that I disagree with the wording in some quotes on many levels these days.  It’s all good food for thought!  Love re-wording!  

To know thyself is to truly know what aligns with you and what does not, right?  Freedom is created when we connect to our truth within and release what does not align.   It’s really as simple as knowing how something makes you ‘feel’.  

I am so happy that wisdom comes with age!  I do however believe that that wisdom comes at any age with awareness and intuition.  

Now about that bridge…

This reference to bridges since the 1800’s when long travels often necessitated the need to cross water, or great divides on horseback, foot and buggy.  Actually it was Henry Wadsworth Longfellow who has been credited with using the metaphor ‘cross that bridge when we  come to it’ in the mid 1800’s in ‘The Idiom’ .

I’d say a lot has changed since then! Let’s consider some metaphors today.

‘Don’t cross that bridge until you come to it’  

~ suggesting we not worry needlessly and it may not happen anyway.

We are living in a society today that focuses on getting places quickly … in business, home, and life in general.  This advice is not too bad! 

It keeps us in the present moment, with the opportunity to think, feel and act positively to create the best outcome.   We will address it ‘when’(suggesting anticipation) or ‘if’ (suggesting not necessarily inevitable) the ‘time is right’   LOL. It is in fact impossible to cross it until you come to it in any event.   


Stuck on the bridge’  

Ever been there? You’ve decided to move forward, but the uncertainty stops you before you complete the crossing!   Here is why this could happen:

  • You are overthinking your action!  Usually because you lack confidence in who you are and worry about making a  mistake or offending someone.  Clarity about who you is being challenged. 


  • The great divide crossing becomes larger in your mind when you are on the bridge!  And your overthinking jumps in with the help of that little gremlin trying to keep you safe.


  • Fear and low self worth got you!  Who are you to do this? Do you really know yourself?


Remember you are worth it, you deserve to move forward.  

When we don’t face what’s on the other side, we often never get across the divide. NOW is the time to move!  

Get excited, be willing, value and share who you are!  Set your own trends, be You!  The time is right!     

Make a difference:

  • In your life!  Find more alignment when you do what comes from your heart, resolve conflict of that which is misaligned.  Find more confidence and self worth when you face challenges, think for yourself outside the box and rethink (or remember) who you are or want to be.  Live intentionally, dream, imagine and manifest. It can change your future in a moment.


  • In another’s life!  You never know when you are on your path who you will influence., encourage or simply support by your smile, action or even thoughts.  We are after all here to be of service!


And so I say “Always Cross that Bridge”

We are here to be of service: to encourage and simply support others with our words, smiles, hugs, love, thoughts and actions!  We are meant to give, without expecting something else in return. 

Let us not set up such high boundaries that we can’t cross bridges to help others.  IT does not mean that we must enable others, fix others or allow our energies to be sapped.  

It means giving unconditionally, seeing all as worthy without expectations. 

It means climbing mountains, having the freedom to move forward and not getting stuck on bridges due to our own insecurities.


Life is about what you GIVE, not what you gain!


It is not about burning bridges, it is about building a relationship with yourself that fills your very soul. When we feel better, we do better.    My passion is to inspire, to encourage everyone to think about what resonates inside.  You are your best expert!

I am happy to discuss, encourage, and listen at OwnYourSparkle.com